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Dear friends,

It’s been a while, but I’m back! This is Meanwhile..., a companion story to Spacemon, which chronicles the adventures of me and my friends in the Pokemon-themed TRPG we are currently playing. DragonStorm247 is the GM, and DisturbedShadow writes up all the sessions, so you can read them here. This piece goes with Volume 2, Chapter 25. I hope you enjoy, and don’t forget to comment with all your love and/or hate! (Also, since Astaranth asked so nicely last time, this is my account.)


Morgan sat in her room, staring at the bright, blank white screen of her Pokedex. Shane was right, of course; if she didn’t contact home now, it would almost certainly be a long time before she had the chance again, and as much as she tried not to think about it, there was always the possibility they might not survive their encounter with Mr. Silver. There was no way she was going to call, but she’d promised Shane she’d do something, so here she was, trying to compose a message. There was nothing to say. Actually, there was too much to say, but only one word came readily to mind.



It was a start.


I’m okay, but I can’t come home yet. I’m sorry. Please don’t call me.



Love. She wrote the word with extreme distaste, but how else was she supposed to end a letter to her mother? Besides, nothing that had happened was really her mother’s fault. She was so old-fashioned it was no surprise she’d never stood up to her husband. Morgan wasn’t even sure her mother understood what the problem was. All she’d ever tell Morgan was to work hard, that one day she’d make an excellent engineer. She never realized how hard it was for Morgan to live in that house, with that man who hated her, whom she hated to call father. “Your father loves you,” her mother would say. “He just has a strange way of showing it sometimes. But we both want you to succeed.” Morgan could feel herself getting angry again, and she quickly hit the send button before she knew she would lose the will to.


Almost immediately, her Pokedex rang; it was a call from Parisia. I should have known. She never listens to anything I say. Of course she didn’t answer the call, and after a minute, it began recording a message, with the video feed still playing on the screen.

“Morgan! Morgan, oh my God!” Her mother was crying, looking both relieved and frantic. “Please, answer me, I need to talk to you, oh my God you’re alive!” This continued for several minutes, with her mother gradually becoming more incoherent, but still begging Morgan to respond. Morgan was about to terminate the message - after all, it wasn’t like her mother didn’t already know she was there - but before she could, she heard the sound of someone opening the door on the video.


“Arianna, it’s late, you-” The voice was distant, but there was no mistaking it.

“Orion! Orion, it’s Morgan!” Her mother paused expectantly, staring at someone off-screen, her cheeks glistening with tears. There was an uncomfortable silence, and someone clearing his throat. Then Orion Durand stepped into view of the camera.


He looked more disheveled than Morgan had ever seen him in her life. It wasn’t only that he had recently woken up, though he was only wearing a nightshirt and boxers, which he had obviously made a very hasty effort to smooth with his hands. No, he also looked exhausted. The skin under his eyes was baggy and sunken, and though he he was trying to hide it, there was an unusual slouch to his posture. He stared at the screen with a grim expression, but seemed surprised when he didn’t see Morgan’s face.

“Arianna… You’re leaving a message.”

“She’s there, Orion! She just wrote to me!”

Her father’s eyes flickered across the screen. It was clear the message Morgan had sent was still up. He put his hands on Arianna’s shoulder. “She said not to call her. You should come to bed. You’ve been here all day.”


“I know she’s watching! She has to be there!”

“Arianna, please. Come, now…” He tried to pull her into a standing position, but she pushed him away.


“Aren’t you going to say anything?!” She began sobbing heavily again. “She… She’s our daughter!”

Orion suddenly looked very contrite. To Morgan, this was extremely surprising. Her father never regretted anything. “I… Morgan, you need to come home. It’s too dangerous for you out there.” It was exactly like him to say something like that. An insult, veiled as concern. But there was something in his voice this time that almost made her believe he really was concerned. Her father turned back to her mother. “Won’t you please come upstairs now?” Arianna merely sobbed and fell into her husband’s arms. Then, the transmission ended.

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